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Flint River Ranch's
Pet Force
Natural Cleaner
Superior, natural bacterial-enzyme cleaning product with a fresh lemon scent. A concentrated bacterial cleaner that will remove nasty odors and stains. Will provide SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE on Urine, Cat Spray, Vomit, Feces, Food, Grease, Blood, Grass, Juice, Wine, Coffee, Laundry, and any other type of organic stain problem.

"Pet Force" effectiveness is due to its high bacterial count, and the fact that the bacteria’s primary function in life is to feed on - and then digest organic matter. The "Pet Force" bacteria manufactures billions of enzymes which attacks the stain or the odor and uses it as a food source - further breaking it down into carbon dioxide and water. The bacillus bacteria will not cause any type of disease and is safe for Carpets, Upholstery, Laundry, Mattresses, Rugs, Pet Bedding, Linoleum, Tile, Wood, Kennels, Dog Runs, Horse Stalls & Trailers, Automotive Stains, Drains, Garbage Disposals, and can be used as a topical treatment on pets to remove skunk odors.

(I personally love this. It is a very tough on organic stains. I have used it on stains on my carpet that were years old and had been professionally cleaned, and it still got them up! The main thing is to just keep it moist so it can do it's job. It stops working once it dries out.)

CONCENTRATED - Mix 8 to 1 with water
Apply direct to the area and then pour on a cup of water, or mix with water in a spray bottle.

100% GUARANTEED - 100% Safe, Natural and Organic

***Orders must total more than $8.00.
4 oz. (trial) 
32 oz.