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 This Web site is not the official Web site of the Flint River Ranch Company. This site is owned and operated by FRR Independent Distributor #1KXH. Any pricing, policies, including discounts, claims and return policies, may not necessarily be those of the Flint River Ranch Company and are only supported by the distributor who owns and operates this site. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor or their website, your distributor may not receive credit for an order placed on this site. We  offer personalized service at the same prices as, or less than, direct from the Flint River Ranch, and our food is still shipped fresh, strait from the company!
Automatic Shipments         

    Make sure your pet never runs out of his favorite food! Schedule automatic shipments with your credit card. It's simple to set up automatic shipments, and you can change or cancel at any time with at least 5 days notice.

    Simply place the order that you would like to set up for automatic shipments on this website. When checking out, write in the comments/questions field that you would like to set up automatic shipments with this order, how often you would like to recieve this order, and the start date. The credit card you use for the order will be charged at each date. You can set up your shipments to be:

  • Annual
  • Semi Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Every Other Month
  • Monthly
  • Every Two (2) Weeks
  • Twice Monthly (give two start dates for this option)
  • Every ____  Days (whatever timetable you would prefer)




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