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This Web site is not the official Web site of the Flint River Ranch Company. This site is owned and operated by FRR Independent Distributor #1KXH. Any pricing, policies, including discounts, claims and return policies, may not necessarily be those of the Flint River Ranch Company and are only supported by the distributor who owns and operates this site. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor or their website, your distributor may not receive credit for an order placed on this site. We  offer personalized service at the same prices as, or less than, direct from the Flint River Ranch, and our food is still shipped fresh, strait from the company!

Some Natural brands of Dog Foods 1st four Ingredients Form-ulas with Pro-biotics? Oven Baked? Human Grade Ingredients? Chelated Minerals?

Approx. Daily Cost to feed 50 lb. dog.

Flint River Ranch Chicken Meal, Whole Wheat Flour, Ground Rice, Lamb Meal Yes Yes Yes Yes $0.66
Solid Gold Lamb and Millet Formula: Lamb Meal, Millet, Brown Rice, Ground Barley No No No Some $0.77
California Natural Chicken and Rice Formula: Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Ground White Rice, Sunflower Oil No No No Yes $0.73
Canidae Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Brown Rice, White Rice Yes No Yes Yes $1.16
ScienceDiet Natures Best Brewers Rice, Ground Wheat, Turkey Meal, Corn Gluten * (poor protein source, common allergen, difficult to digest for dogs) No No No No $0.96

 Nutro: Max,
Adult Dog

 Chicken Meal, Wheat Flour, Ground Whole Wheat, Rice Bran  Yes No No No $0.78

What does this mean?

First Four ingredients: This is going to be the main makeup of the food. Dogs are meateaters, so you want to see meat as a first ingredient, and another meat ingredient after that.

Probiotics: These are good bacteria that are necessary for proper bowel function. These can be wiped out with the use of antibiotics.

Oven baking: Oven baking is more natural and easier on the nutrients in the food than the much more common extrusion.

Chelated minerals: Chelated means bonded with amino acids (protiens), this allows them to be better absorbed by the body.

Don't see your brand? Email  me and I will try and do a comparison for you!

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