Nubians, Lamanchas - and a Toggenburg
   Hello and thank you for stopping
by my farm! We are located in the
Ozarks of Northern Arkansas. I raise
quality ADGA registered dairy goats,
 focusing on the nubian breed.

 Like many breeders, I was first
 interested in goats for their
excellent milk. Starting with two
does that my grandfather
purchased for me, the herd grew
and my interest soon became
more focused on the breeding side
of things.

I strive to produce goats that will
milk, as well as appraise and
show well. I like a strong, productive
animal with solid bone, width, a long
bone pattern, upstanding front end,
depth of body (and the hearty appetite
that goes with it), dairy character and
strong feet and legs. I breed for well
attached, balanced udders with plumb
 teats. I like an animal that milks out quickly by hand and is calm and good natured. I also love excellent- even over the top- breed character in my nubians!

We participate in ADGA's linear appraisal program and I have found it useful for improving my herd.

  Our does are tested for CAE and all remain negative. With the negative
CAE status of my herd, I often dam raise (however, I will start reserved
kids on CAE prevention if buyer prefers this). I feel this is the healthiest and
least stressful way to raise kids. Once babies are a couple weeks old, they are penned away from mom (in a pen that joins the dams pen) overnight and fed a bottle in the morning before being returned to her, to ensure the babies grow up tame and friendly. They are also normally handled a lot otherwise because I love the little ones!

I have never had CL abscesses in my herd. I practice biosecurity to prevent exposure, so please understand that I do not allow other goat owners into the areas my goats live. However, I am happy to bring any does/bucks/kids you would like to see up where you can view them in person.

I raise my dairy goats as naturally as I have the ability and understanding to do so successfully. I use management and fecals as tools to greatly reduce the amount of chemical wormer and coccidiostat used. My goats are usually fed locally grown grass hay and have access to browse for the base of their diet, with alfalfa added for absorbable calcium and protein to supply their milk production. This is topped with enough whole grains to maintain a healthy weight through lactation. My goats are also copper bolused every 5-6 months and fed a high quality mineral from Redmond that has brewer's yeast and kelp added.

 If you purchase an animal from my herd, I'm always here to happily help with questions both before and after purchase. I offer the information you need to raise strong,  productive animals and I do all I can to ensure you go home with a healthy, robust animal.

   We are now taking reservations for the 2015 breeding season! Check out the For Sale page to see what is available!

                                                    Ashley Layton
                                                    817 MC 5036
                                                Yellville, AR 72687
                                                  (870) 404-9934

Senior Does
Senior Does
For Sale
For Sale
Junior Does
Junior Does

Raw Goat's   
We are located about 9 miles south of Yellville, Ark.

Our milk is from pasture raised goats, making it high in CLA and  Vitamin A and giving it a more balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.

 $7 per gallon

Eggs$2.50 per dozen

   (870) 404-9934

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