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Pet Portraits

Immortalize your pet in a beautiful oil or pastel painting!





   The above is one I did of my own pet, Missy.  You might notice her fur is different in the painting than it is in newer pictures, this is because she was eating a lower quality food when I did the painting.

I DO NOT trace, use grids, use computers, or anything of that nature.

Here are some other paintings I have done.


This one is on Buffalo River:


   For your pet(s) I would like to have multiple pictures. The more pictures you can provide, the better. I need enough to have a kind of 3D view .

Any size, any number of pets. Email me for price and time estimate. Let me know in your email,

  • How many pets, and what type of pets you would like painted
  • About what size you think you want the painting
  • Whether you are wanting it done in oils or pastels

If you don't really know what you want I will help you with it. If you send me some pictures,  I can help you with what size you might need for good detail, medium that might work best or for what effect, possible backgrounds, ect.

Price depends on:

  • Size of Painting
  • Amount of detail and texture in painting (how long the picture takes)
  • Amount of animals in painting

I check my email all the time and I am happy to work with you.





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