Dog Products Sample Pack     $8.99

Sampling of Flint River Ranch's Dog formulas.  Samples of Original Adult Dog & Puppy Kibble and includes various sampling of each of the following: Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice Dog Kibble, Nugget Dog, Fish & Chip and Senior PLUS Dog Kibble Formulas.  Size: 4 oz. net weight sample each.

Cat Products Sample Pack     $11.99

Sampling of Flint River Ranch's Original Cat & Kitten formula.   Size:  7 bags X 3 oz. net weight samples of food.

Dog and Cat Sample Pack     $8.99

Sampling of Flint River Ranch's cat and dog formulas.  Will contain various samples of Original Dog Kibble; Senior PLUS Kibble; Lamb Meal, Millet and Rice, Fish & Chip and Nugget Formulas, Original Cat & Kitten Formula.  Cat formula is 3oz. net weight; Dog formulas are 4oz. net weight samples.
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Breeders & Shelters
    Interested in Flint River Ranch foods for your pet but worried your picky eater might turn up their nose? We have sample packs available for just such a situation. These handy sample packs are $7.50 to $8.00 which includes shipping. What a great way to let your pet decide which formula he likes best!
   Purchasing these sample packs will NOT count as your first order, thus you are still eligable for the 15% off for your next order so give 'em a try!

Samples are approx. 1 cup for Dog samples and 3/4 cup for cat samples.