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    If you have a story you would like to see on this page, or would just like to mention how much your pet loves Flint River Ranch, click the link below the customal testimonials, or here to email me !
    I got Missy when she was about 3 years old. She is now 10. She had gained weight and started to have arthritis in her hip a couple years ago. After we got our puppy, Allie(well, she's not really a puppy any more) it made her condition really show with Allie running around full of energy. I learned about what was in pet foods, then about Flint River Ranch about this time (this was in 2003). The time between then and when I started feeding Flint River Ranch I felt guilty every time I fed my animals.
     Finally the Flint River Ranch food arrived. After 3-4 weeks on the Senior Plus Formula, Missy looked like a different dog. She lost weight effortlessly where as before I couldn't get weight off of her for anything. I think that was attributed to her not having joint pain anymore and getting more exercize. Before it was hard to get her to come when called because it was uncomfortable for her to get up. When I went outside, she was almost always laying in her dog house, now she is usually out in the field or woods. When people come see us who haven't been to our house for a year or so ask "Wasn't that dog fat and old?" Well, she's still old I guess, but she doesn't look it. She does still have a little limp on some days mostly when the weather is changing, but never as bad as before.
      We got Bo when he was four years old from a shelter. I thought he was such a pretty cat (and he is)! Not long after we got him we discovered he has a hard time keeping his food down. I couldn't feed him canned food, he vomited every time. He would still vomit the dry food, but not near as often, 2 or 3 times a month. The vet said that some cats just do this. Bo has yet to vomit his Flint River Ranch food. I don't know exactly why, but I'm glad!

"My dog and 2 cats love this stuff. I think the dog would like anything, but the cats' reaction is dramatic. They just gobble it. They will even steal some of the dog's food, if they can. This must be good stuff."...."If my young cat Ruckus could type he'd probably say even more. When I feed the dog, Ruckus insists on getting a piece of the dry dog food which he enthusiastically munches while the dog eats."
    A. Petitto, New York
      "Thanks again for the GREAT FOOD. Everyone that pets my cats for the first time .....they all have the same comment...they are so soft and thick."
      J. Coleman, Pennsylvania
     "I believe the eye infection was cleared up. The dog food is really amazing. I knew the dogs never ate as much of it as the regular food. I had both out and she always ate the "good dog food". She is a loving little dog and it was heartening to see her skin go from crusty bright red to crust free, normal pink color. "
     K.D.M. (Kshobbit at the below link)
     ~Link to original conversation including above quote, click here .
Send in your Flint River Ranch testimonials  flintriverranch@naturespets.com
Veterinarian Testimonials
"I specialize in treating the so called "chronic incurable diseases" of Western medicine and many of my patients are considered to be dying when they come to me. One of the first changes in their life style is to have all of my patients eating a wholesome, human quality food. In order for a patient to be cured of these "incurable" diseases they must become healthy. Without a good wholesome diet the rest of the therapy can not be successful. I can not recommend any other food other than the Flint River Ranch food."
Walt McCall, DVM, Campbell, CA
"I have now raised three ... puppies to the age of six months with nicely controlled growth rates, beautiful coat and condition, and to this point, excellent overall health and soundness. I cannot claim this for the "premium puppy foods" I have used in the past. ...I feel very fortunate to have such an excellent line of pet foods as Flint River Ranch available for myself and my clients, as I firmly believe it is the first and most important part of a preventative or restorative health program."
Debra J. Mack, DVM, Boise, ID
"As you know, I have been retailing FRR in my clinic for several months now. I have had only positive results. The food is so palatable, I have yet to have any pet refuse to eat it. The clients are seeing noticeable improvement in their pets' skin, haircoat and general level of vitality. I have a three-year old Westie that suffers from atopy and allergies in general. Her owner commented just today that she has never seen Maddie's hair look so good! I agree! Another patient was in the clinic almost every other month with chronic yeast or staph. When I saw him last week, his ears were clean and healthy. The owner reports no changes other than feeding Flint River! I also have a couple of FUS cats now on FRR instead of Feline C/D. So far so good! Only a couple of years ago I was one of the top retailers of Hills Science Diet in the metro Atlanta area. I felt comfortable feeding and recommending these products to my clients. Now, however, I am seeing the results of feeding a high quality ALL NATURAL food. Those artificial ingredients and preservatives truly do (directly or indirectly) cause a host of problems. I'll never again recommend any food that is not totally natural."
Dr. Junia Childs, DVM, Atlanta, GA
... and two of my own pets
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